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Perhaps Discouraging..

In Exodus 19 and 20, Moses preserves the account of how God engulfed Mount Sinai in smoke so the people could not see Him. They were so afraid they begged Moses to deal with Jehovah for them...Yet in 12 Chapters they decide to make a golden calf to worship.

This stuns me. I try to wonder how long Moses could have been up there...I wonder what it would be like to be so constantly aware of the natural revelations of the Almighty's power (the Pillar of Cloud, and Fire, the crossing of the Red Sea, the Water out of the rock) that a mountain engulfed, with God speaking out of it, wouldn't really phase me for that long.

Then I realize I do this all the time. The big, obvious things that God asks of me are so easily forgotten that it boggles the imagination. I can't see the forest for all the trees. I forget to set aside time with the Lord, to purpose to pray, to plan to do good to my family...I end up skating through the day...Please pray for me as I prioritize and schedule these…

Got Education?

Students publicly protested tuition hikes and budget cuts by skipping class today at the University of Washington. My brother is a Husky, but if he supported this, I would really like to understand why. There was a picture of members of the student body with a sign that said "Education is our right."

This bothered me on so many levels that I decided an old fashioned rant was due.

First: The only education really required by Scripture can be undertaken by parents; Instruction in those thing necessary for contribution to and navigation of society- obviously this would vary by the society you wish your child to be a participant in. We are required by the Lord to instruct our Children in the ways of Him.

Secondly: Our current government is already doing scads to make higher education as accessible as possible. Sadly, 'lower' education is falling by the wayside in this state.....which could be why this generation feels so entitled.

Thirdly: Students aren't employees. Th…