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Prayer and Fasting

Last week, our Pastor preached out of Ephesians.

If you feel like being convicted about your prayer life, you can listen here. I did, and was. I think the most important thing that stuck with me was a quote when he pointed out the priority of not being distracted- I will paraphrase, "Who cares if the world falls apart? YOU meet with GOD."

I have been this week, and I am so amazed by the sin in my life. I guess you may have expected me to say something like "everything is fraught with spiritual meaning!" or "I have achieved victory over my short tempered responses to my children" or "I think of others so much more." I actually don't think any of these things are true, but what has become true is that God has convicted me more of the constant allowance I make fore my little sins against the little people I spend all day with.

To be honest, I could involve myself in scandalous sins if I wished, but the Lord has given me the discipline to place …