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Diaries of a Slattern....

So...This is week two of my Project Discipline.
Week one went smashingly well. My Zest for new endeavors and my commitment to starting the day with the Lord kept me going. Week two didn't go so well. However, I am recouping my losses tomorrow.
I have decided to address the truth that has been lurking behind my hurried, slovenly, and grumbly household. This truth is not one that is new, nor is it one that is even shocking to me.
I have been convicted of this fact before, and at the time I had no idea what to to get control, how to have a well ordered household, how to teach my children systematically.... Unfortunately ( or should I say, thankfully), this is not the case anymore. I have a plan, I have charts, and I know WHAT to do. I just need to implement it.
Two startling pieces of advice came to my ears this week.
The first is: Do just one thing. Every day, once you have that down, add something else. I still haven't decided what this one thing wil…

A little something...

I am launching some new developments in my life this week. Hopefully you can look for new posts here shortly! I look forward to returning to the word of blogging. Watch out though, it has been a while since I have written for the public eye! I continue to affirm no guarantees concerning readability. Especially on posts like this, that are composed, or rather, rough draft-ed, this late in the evening. Looking forward to good accomplishments this week!