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Maddi Runkles: A Divergent View

I just read this article about Maddi Runkles, and 18-year-old pregnant teen who isn't allowed to walk in her high school graduation ceremony, and is "hurt" about it.

Read the article.

Then please come back.

All over facebook and twitter, her school receives scathing opposition for being Pharisaical, and she receives support for being brave and wonderful because she isn't aborting her baby.

The telling part of the article for me were these words:
When 18-year-old Maddi Runkles found out in January that she was pregnant, she was terrified."​I had a lot of fear just because of my background, growing up in church and stuff like that and going to a Christian school, and I just knew what everyone was going to think about me and my family once they found out," the Maryland teenager told As It Happens host Carol Off. It tells me, sadly, that Maddi was worried pregnancy would expose her immorality.  Not that she was concerned about the immorality itself.

The article…