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Darling Hannah....

The sweetling continues to present breach. I am 34 weeks along today, so I am beginning to think more proactively. The option my midwife recommends: Somersaults in a swimming pool. My mom wants to record it. Ha! However, here at home, Gabriel and Abigail both imitate my forward facing inversion off the couch. No tally on who is getting better results. The other technique which actually seems possible (though a bit heartless) is a cold pack at the top of my stomach. I suppose if it will keep me out of C-section world I will try it. I am also thinking about calling local hotels with swimming pools....something about going to the YMCA and sticking my feet up in the air just seems a little too daunting....perhaps as my desperation grows, my dignity will shrink.

I'll keep you posted! Please pray that she flips!

A stumbling beginning....

Good Evening World,
I sit in our chaotic schoolroom watching my almost two year old put the lid on the chalk container because she wisely only needs one piece at a time. I do adore her.

Today I completed my first ever day of official home (pre)schooling. Well, as official as it can be with Gabriel calling me "teacher" and gluing the sun and moon on blue construction paper as we learn about how God made the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. Holds already wait at the library for books about sea creatures for when we learn about that part of creation. Hurray! I must say, getting going was easier than I imagined.

I feel ridiculous. I definitely have nothing of value to say...However, as a matter of discipline, especially now that fall has started, it seems perspicacious to begin some sort of accountability in the greater blogosphere....

My goals for this week: Start getting up on time...TOMORROW. I will let you know how it goes. Good night wor…

Reflections from the Fog that is the first trimester

Wow, who knew that the backspace button could function so efficiently! I have started oodles of blogs, looked at my ridiculousness, and held down the key that makes it all disappear. Then I feel emptied of any writing inspiration that jogged me into starting the endeavor.

I think about making vain I have in the past. So I don't. To be honest, I am in the doldrums of Nausea. I am thankful for this Nausea for so many reasons.
Let me be clear...for the past four weeks, I have endured (and not very gracefully) the worst pregnancy related all day sickness of my three pregnancies. I wake up feeling ill, I eat feeling ill, I sleep feeling ill, I drink water feeling ill. When I abstain from one or all of these things, I still feel ill. Okay! Glad I got the whining out of the way.
The advantages of this sickness have been multiple.
The Lord has reminded me to lift my dear friends who suffer chronically to Him in prayer with more fervency on their behalf than I had previously…

Diaries of a Slattern....

So...This is week two of my Project Discipline.
Week one went smashingly well. My Zest for new endeavors and my commitment to starting the day with the Lord kept me going. Week two didn't go so well. However, I am recouping my losses tomorrow.
I have decided to address the truth that has been lurking behind my hurried, slovenly, and grumbly household. This truth is not one that is new, nor is it one that is even shocking to me.
I have been convicted of this fact before, and at the time I had no idea what to to get control, how to have a well ordered household, how to teach my children systematically.... Unfortunately ( or should I say, thankfully), this is not the case anymore. I have a plan, I have charts, and I know WHAT to do. I just need to implement it.
Two startling pieces of advice came to my ears this week.
The first is: Do just one thing. Every day, once you have that down, add something else. I still haven't decided what this one thing wil…

A little something...

I am launching some new developments in my life this week. Hopefully you can look for new posts here shortly! I look forward to returning to the word of blogging. Watch out though, it has been a while since I have written for the public eye! I continue to affirm no guarantees concerning readability. Especially on posts like this, that are composed, or rather, rough draft-ed, this late in the evening. Looking forward to good accomplishments this week!