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It amazes me how frustrated I can get with myself. Try as I might, my personal, devotional, and disciplined life is not happening. I am just going to have to keep trying, and trust the Lord to give me ideas, and remind me of what I already know. For example...It is okay if I wait to join the 5am club until my baby is consistently sleeping through the night. It is okay if it take me several months to get the baby weight off. I just need to stay on track, and take one day at a time.

Today's goals: Go outside, feed my family, read the word. ( in the reverse order). Go Dog Go!

Lessons in multi-tasking nothingness...

Motherhood: the appearance of laziness, when in reality the vast plethora of things accomplished staggers the casual observer.

This is my life today. Compared to other days, it is actually quite lazy.

The appearance: Sleeping in.

The Reality: I woke up three times in less than eight hours in order to meet the needs of my infant girl. Added to the fact that yesterday's nap only last three minutes, this made me quite exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that even tea cannot overcome. Bringing all the kids into bed seemed like the only option.

The Reality: The baby fell off of the ottoman today, which left a not-so-adorable bump on her little head-unfortunately the part of her little body that took the hit. She needed extra cuddling- accomplished during the sleeping in part of the morning.

The Caveat to this everybody in bed thing? I now have to wash the sheets, because Abigail spit up on them.

The appearance: I haven't cleaned anything. ( Warning: Graphic Spit-Up Content)

The Reality: Aft…

Jehovah's Witnesses awake the sleeping Baptist...

After another blissful night of sleep in two hour increments, I was quite exhausted, when my husband, bless his heart, told me to go back to bed. During this two hour increment, the dishes got done, children were fed, and the house was tidied. I awoke to take in all these wonders at ten o'clock. A few moments following, the doorbell rang. Wearing a robe made me the more decently appareled one, appointed to answer.

Opening the door the slightest amount possible to still be polite, I beheld two sweet elderly ladies on a mission to save my soul (from what, I don't know-there are days when ceasing to exist sounds pretty good). Not batting an eye at my bleary raccoon eyes, the one wearing a bit too much rouge inquired, "Is this a bad time?" I, shamefully, explained the baby situation. Immediately both her and her crocheted-multicolored-scarf-wearing confederate nodded sympathetically and made all the appropriate inquiries regarding gender, etc.

Rouge-lady then shrewdly lead…