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Darling Hannah....

The sweetling continues to present breach. I am 34 weeks along today, so I am beginning to think more proactively. The option my midwife recommends: Somersaults in a swimming pool. My mom wants to record it. Ha! However, here at home, Gabriel and Abigail both imitate my forward facing inversion off the couch. No tally on who is getting better results. The other technique which actually seems possible (though a bit heartless) is a cold pack at the top of my stomach. I suppose if it will keep me out of C-section world I will try it. I am also thinking about calling local hotels with swimming pools....something about going to the YMCA and sticking my feet up in the air just seems a little too daunting....perhaps as my desperation grows, my dignity will shrink.

I'll keep you posted! Please pray that she flips!