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Baby Girl at 26 weeks...

Yesterday was the long awaited ultrasound at Swedish Medical Center.

The ultrasound technology there was definitely more advanced than any ultrasound I have ever experienced. The increased clarity made many things easily observable even to my untrained eye. Here is a synopsis:

The spot on the heart is still there. The Doctor explained this as a non-specific, or slight marker for Downs Syndrome. The baby doesn't seem to have any other anomalies specific to Downs. However, while he was taking images, he affirmed that the heart function looked normal (Hurray!).

He also pointed out that the bowel was bright, which the genetic counselor called a variant that could be caused by multiple things:
I could have bled more internally than we thought, and the baby could have swallowed it,
I could have contracted a virus that passed onto her,
She could have cystic fibrosis.
Or, it could be what she called a "normal variant" that may be related to some placental issues that were still …