What's Going on Inside?

Last Tuesday was my 20 week ultrasound. There are a couple concerns.

First, there is an echogenic left ventricular intracardiac focus. Second, the head circumference is in the 34th percentile, while the Biparietal Diameter is below the 5th percentile. What does this mean?

First, the EIF thing is a spot of mineralization on the baby's left ventricular chamber. This occurs often enough, and with the absence of other anomalies that would associate with trisomies 13, 18 and 21, can disappear by the third trimester. It doesn't seem to usually cause heart problems with the Baby after birth. Oddly enough, this doesn't stress me out until I say it out loud. 

Second, The BPD is more concerning to me. It IS often associated with those trisomies, yet I have no other risk factors. This is the measurement across the baby's head from temple to temple. This being small is sometimes associated with placental issues, so I have some questions in my mind about that. In one study I read (and, yes, I could be referencing multiple medical articles for almost every statement I am making:-)), it seems that my only concern could be lower than average weight at birth. In another study, low Apgar scores, and death were indicated. 

So basically, there is a spot on our Baby's heart, and her head is too small, particularly her brain...

Everything else is normal that could indicate Downs (Trisomy 21). Being 30 makes me low risk. The placenta looks great, the hemorrhage is gone, and everything else looks good and average.

In five weeks I go to Seattle for an ultrasound with a better machine, so we can check these things out more clearly. Today I had a prayer time with my family where we prayed for our Baby's head to grow. 

The fun news is that our little bug is a GIRL! Excited to figure out a name for this little blessing. Very thankful that my God is in the Heavens, and that none can stay his hand...Also thankful for your prayers...


  1. I talked to you on the phone for what seemed along time and yet you didn't fill me in on all of this. You may read that in a slightly scolding tone, but then remind yourself that I always scored when I am concerned about something. I will be praying for this little girl that I love so much. And for her mommy. Perhaps you could fine a name that means 'drama'.... just saying.

    1. I would have told you, but I didn't get the call from the midwife until last night! Then I was busy researching, and going to church. I would never keep anything from my children's godmother! :-)

  2. Prayers for my sweet little grand-niece and her mommy, papa, and brother and sisters. Already love her, and continue to adore her family.

  3. Hi Rachel~ Wow, I will add you and baby to my prayer list! Sounds like you may not have many answers for a while... though it comes to my mind the stats about Down's babies in utero, they are so often wrong about that diagnosis..... though people told me the same thing with our first baby, Sarah Grace, and it was quite clear in what was going on with her by ultrasounds. Though to be sure, there were times with that situation and with my pregnancy with Abigail, that the results after the births were different than the ultrasounds indicated. Anyways, thank you for your blog sharing!


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