Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Home-School Families: A Review

This is my second in-depth exposure to this book. It was lent to me a couple years ago, at which time it was read and partially implemented. When I pulled it out again, I was going to review it with the intent of giving it a negative review. I felt that it was unrealistic and extremely rigid. As I began to go through it fairly, the Maxwell’s changed my mind.

There are chapters covering the organization of children’s days, school, chores, kitchen, and summer. Chapter 5 concerns scheduling babies, which, regardless of your theory of baby-rearing, still helps you realize that time must be set apart in your day to take care of your precious bundle.

Because the Maxwell’s are coming from a Biblical worldview, her opinions on many matters are encouraging. When she answers a question concerning the stress of regularly disciplining the younger children she includes “I truly believe that my continued perseverance in not growing weary in these child training issues will be blessed by our faithful God.” (p.106)

One detail I appreciated was the time she gives each item. Most tasks are limited to half hour increments, which keep the day moving, and interesting for everyone. If anything, it helped me to sit and evaluate what children can be doing which tasks at the same time.

Another very helpful part of the book is Chapter 11, where she clarifies some of concerns I had. She continually stresses that “…the schedule is a tool to help you accomplish what you believe God has called you to.” (p. 71)

This book also contains multiple examples of Schedules from different families. It comes with a kit to implement your own schedule, complete with step by step directions.

This is the definitive book on Scheduling. It covers EVERYTHING. In detail. Even if you never use any of the principles or ideas presented in it, you should read it.


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