The next great challenge

Going into our marriage, we both thought that I would make lunches.You know, the kind that you pack for your husband to take to work? Well, I did. This went rather well, overall, until my first pregnancy. After that, it became hit and miss. More miss. He got used to making his own lunch, in addition to breakfast, and I got used to going back to bed with a baby.

Five years went by.

Two weeks ago, I started adding breakfast to my menu planning (my two week rotation has been going pretty strong!). I have been getting up, making his breakfast and lunch, then either making my tea for my Bible reading, or going back to bed….depending on what time he leaves. I am really happy about this! Of course, I have to menu plan, or I stumble around my kitchen aimlessly looking like a mole. If I can keep it up for another two weeks, in December I am going to add something else.

The great laundry challenge.

I am terrible at laundry. Half of the time my husband does it. The other times I create amazing sculptures I name after mountains in the Cascade range. Sometimes I use titles from other ranges. Finally, I fold up these works of art when someone is coming over to visit.

I feel badly about this. So, I think for December, that will be my challenge. I  will start by completing one load a day. This will be difficult because I am going to want to do more. After gauging things, I think that a load a day will keep me caught up, and even give me a couple days off here and there. Maybe I will title it something amazing and create a checklist entitled, “the Great pileup” where I can keep track of how many loads it really takes. Or  not. For now, I will try to get up and make scones in the morning!


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